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Name: Noelle

Grade: Alumna of Smith College, Class of 2005 (left in eighth grade back in 1997)

Clubs: I don't think I was in any in middle school.

Why were you sent to Loretto? Because my mother wanted me to be mainstreamed in a private school instead of in a public school.

What middle school did you go to? Loretto Academy.

Would you send your kids to Loretto? I don't think I would send my children there since I live out of state, but I'd send my daughters to an all girls high school if I have any kids.

What do you like about it? I really didn't like anything about it but I did like taking classes with Dr. Pearson, Mrs. Graham the science teacher, and Mrs. Blanco even though she would push me harder than other girls in gym.

What do you hate about it? I hated the cliques, the drama, and how hard it was for me as a deaf person to fit into the whole dynamic there. It wasn't an easy time for me back then. I was the new girl in fifth grade and everyone already had established their friendships and I got involved in drama with this other girl, Heather Duarte, and it was blown way out of proportion which then made the next four years at Loretto Academy a miserable experience for me. I also loathed Mrs. Hernandez who was the math teacher back then. I was terrible at math and she'd constantly call on me so that she could show everyone the mistakes I'd made in my math problems.

If you could change anything in Loretto what would it be? It would've been going to middle school there in the first place to begin with. I should've been mainstreamed in a public school because the students in public schools are more used to deaf people, and the support services there were better in high school anyway. That's my two cents on that anyway.

Who's your favorite teacher? My favorite teacher was Dr. Pearson. I loved taking her English classes and she let me borrow her books since I was a giant bookworm at the time. Does she still have that bookshelf full of English mystery novels in her classroom? Mrs. Graham wasn't so bad either. Does anyone remember that religion teacher? She was a nun and used to pop those algae pills every time she ate in her classroom. Those algae pills were gross. I had the easiest grades in that class. The best way to earn an A in that class was to write about how glorious Jesus was, and how he suffered terribly so that we could atone for our sins. I also made up stories involving God and Jesus, and she still gave me an A on that. It was hilarious because I'd write those stories from the Bible in the modern context. It was a complete bastardization of the Bible.

Any weird thing you noticed/know about Loretto: They had this really delicious pizza back in middle school where the crust was perfectly doughy, but hardly anyone ate the pizza so they canceled it. I also remember one day how the soda vending machine completely broke down, and every time a girl pressed a button for their favorite soda, dozens of soda cans would come rolling out. It was a total melee of girls grabbing those free sodas. That was hilarious. The upper level where the gym is smelled really gross, and I hated exercising up there when I had to do chin-lifts.
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