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im stuck.

last day to write this damned paper for english, and im stuck at 370. i still need a little over 230.

wait, still need a conclusion, haha. ill make it a long one.

man, this paper will suck.


good luck, and see you tmrw!
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jjjuniiior...JUNIOR...yay juniors.

aw...this place is dead. i hope once school starts up again that this will get back going.

im not looking forward to this school year. well, being a junior, yes, but the homework and shit like that? no.

shout week and spirit week will kick ass, as usual.

hey, new cheer. and first fucking lunch bell. can i hear an amen?

i guess ill go now.
cheers guys! see u in a week...

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hey everyone. just letting everybody know that i got a new lj. add this one, ill add you back, thanks.

plus... i am SO dreading going back to school. or no.. i take that back. i want to go and see all of us again but i am SO dreading the Junior work.

who hates this bullshit about the backpacks and bracelets
oscar wilde style

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hey there everyone!well, just posting to say that the environmental club that amanda and i hope to start is now becoming a reality.a few nights ago i got an email from ramirez saying he totally supports us.so now im asking for those who'd like to help out in the restoration of the greenhouse.he gets back to work by next week so i'll be emailing to ask him when we can begin.the plan is we clean up and make sure the watering system and everything else is in working condition and wait until my cousin from...? mails me plants from her nursery.theyre totally free so theres no cost.so if you're interested (truly interested) in helping out, please contact me somehow (comments or calls) and i'll let you know as soon as possible what ram says about starting.i'll try to get the rest of the proposal up as soon as my lj cut is working...thanks!




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old school

i'm bored, so i'll just do both:


Name: pamela
Grade: c/o 2004
Clubs: uhhh stuco, drama club, orhesis for a semester, speech and debate, the v8s ... i was listed in some more in the yearbook but i don't ever remember being a part of them
Why were you sent to loretto? i won a scholarship when i was a baby so at the age of 3, i started my loretto education
what middle school did you go to? loretto
Would you send your kids to loretto? actually, i would. loretto is hell when you're there, but i got a decent education on behalf of some really good teachers who truly enjoy teaching or at least have a vast knowledge of the subject. that, and you form bonds with girls that never cease.
What do you like about it? i loved playing with my friends
What do you hate about it? i hated my encounter with certain administrators, teachers, counselors and students who were hateful and mean. my best friend got kicked out my senior year because a certain president forged a letter in her name, and many were always trying to kick me out.
If you could change anything in Loretto what would it be? money towards more books. my senior year i had to share so many books with my friends.
whos your favorite teacher? the dean: movo!, ingle, harris, baca and sanchez. they're all intelligent and great people that took the time to not only teach the information, but other lessons as well.
any weird thing you noticed/know about Loretto: loretto is known for being a "lesbian" school and there really aren't that many lesbians. that always irked me.


Name: pamela
Grade: second year college student
School: st. mary's university of san antonio
who do you know from loretto? a lot of people ... does anyone remember me?
what do you think about our school? miss certain parts about it
would you ever go? i did, for 14 years
any weird thing you noticed/know about Loretto: i went back in december and some of the girls looked older than i did when i was their age. that, and high school drama never fails to cease.

have a good summer girls, it'll go by fast.
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