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hey there everyone!well, just posting to say that the environmental club that amanda and i hope to start is now becoming a reality.a few nights ago i got an email from ramirez saying he totally supports now im asking for those who'd like to help out in the restoration of the greenhouse.he gets back to work by next week so i'll be emailing to ask him when we can begin.the plan is we clean up and make sure the watering system and everything else is in working condition and wait until my cousin from...? mails me plants from her nursery.theyre totally free so theres no if you're interested (truly interested) in helping out, please contact me somehow (comments or calls) and i'll let you know as soon as possible what ram says about starting.i'll try to get the rest of the proposal up as soon as my lj cut is working...thanks!




Environmental Club  2005-2006  Ideas

Luci Rodriguez and Amanda Godina

 Main Goal:  To raise awareness among the Loretto Community, to become more “earth friendly,” and to learn how to conserve and recycle man-made and natural materials and resources.


-         Possibly have more recycle bins around campus

-         Other alternatives instead of paper towels in bathrooms

-         Possibly more selection of vegetarian foods in cafeteria

-         Restoration and maintenance of greenhouses

 Community Service:

-         Adopt-a-Highway

-         Volunteer at the Zoo

-         Help at recycling stations (students can be responsible for emptying recycle bins and taking them to these centers)

-         Sell trees for Arbor Day (proceeds can go towards the club’s finances or other national environment foundations)

-         Clean-ups at local parks (especially around Loretto)

-         Hang posters around school (weekly or monthly) that contain environment facts and statistics

 Where we can get help:

-         Studio 2b chapter of Girl Scouts – connections with Zoo, service projects, etc.

-         Hector Godina – Amanda’s father (to help with finances)

-         Jesus Candelaria- contractor and builder who will help with finances

-         Cathy McClintock- owner of McGregor Nursery (send samples of plants to get greenhouse going)

-         Joe            - coordinator of educational programs at El Paso Zoo (aid in “hands on” with animals)

About us:

-         Both involved in Studio 2b Girl Scouts; work on environmental projects

-         Have an overall concern for the environment

-         Dedicated to future club and willing to participate fully in service projects.

 Thanks for your time!

Luci Rodriguez & Amanda Godina

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